Jardesca California Aperitiva

Jardesca is a new and versatile aperitif handcrafted in Sonoma, Calif. – a blend of three white wines including Viognier, with complimentary profiles of sweet and dry, fortified with a double distilled Eau de Vie and brightened by 10 botanicals. This unique beverage, served over ice, is not exactly wine […]


Porterhouse and mushroom medley recipe

Grilled Porterhouse with a Medley of Sautéed Mushrooms

A Porterhouse steak is my favorite cut, you get the best of both worlds – a N.Y. strip and a filet that is large enough to share. Top it off with a medley of fruity chanterelles, peppery oysters, a meaty portobello, and a handful of smoky shiitakes to finish off […]


Jet bag n bottle feature

Jet Bag: Reusable Padded, Absorbent Bottle Bags

Protect your wine and your clothing from breakage when you travel with these handy little Jet Bags. The clever diaper-like lining pads the bag, safeguarding your wine bottle from breakage. However, if your luggage gets thrown down a ramp by an over anxious airport employee, hits the tarmac and gets […]

Craft Beer


Firestone Walker Brewery

Old World Beers Reinvented on the Central Coast By Hudson Lindenberger • When David Walker and Adam Firestone decided to open a brewery 18-years ago they wanted to create something unique. The two brothers-in-law wanted to try their hand at brewing using vintage British methods to create the type of […]