10% off ZAP Zinfandel Experience


The 2015 Zinfandel Experience

January 29 -31, San Francisco, Calif. ZAP is delighted to offer a 10% discount promo code for fans of Wine Food Explorer for Epicuria on Thursday, January 29 and for the main consumer event, The Tasting on Saturday, January 31. For more info and tickets, go to Zinfandel Experience. Readers should enter Promo Code EXPLORER to redeem […]



Bacon-Wrapped Dates Filled with Pine Nut Butter and IPA

This Recipe for black forest bacon-wrapped dates filled with pine nut butter from The Foodie’s Beer Book: The Art of Pairing and Cooking with Beer for Any Occasion is a little more work than your typical bacon-wrapped date, but it is worth every minute spent. These dates are sweet, caramelized […]


Jet bag n bottle feature

Jet Bag: Reusable Padded, Absorbent Bottle Bags

Protect your wine and your clothing from breakage when you travel with these handy little Jet Bags. The clever diaper-like lining pads the bag, safeguarding your wine bottle from breakage. However, if your luggage gets thrown down a ramp by an over anxious airport employee, hits the tarmac and gets […]



San Jose Wineries: Coterie Cellars – Wines Inspired by the Vineyards

Taking a queue from Mother Nature, Kyle and Shala Loudon, co-proprietors of Coterie Cellars in San Jose, believe that winemaking starts in the vineyard. • By Cynthia Bournellis • When Kyle Loudon’s son Julian was a tot and just getting the hang of talking, he surprised his daddy one day […]